Award Winning Sausages

At AQM we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality meats (Free-range Chicken, Bangalow Sweet Pork, and Free-range Beef) and freshest ingredients to produce our sausages. This allows us to provide you with nothing but the quality you deserve. I’m pretty certain that’s why AQM have been named “Sausage King Winners” over and over again throughout our Region, State, and finalists at the National Titles!

Sausages are one of the best known and best loved ways to prepare meat, and for good reason: They are hearty, versatile, and delicious. Like all products, however, not all sausages are made equal. Low-grade meat and stale spices make for a bland and unpleasant product.

Our selection of sausages is extensive and sure to contain something suited to your palate. We offer a wide variety of traditional and gourmet sausages that are almost all Gluten Free. Furthermore we offer a selection of Sausages with absolutely no preservatives.

Upon request AQM butchers will make batches of sausages especially for you depending on your family’s dietary requirements.

Delectable as a solitary sausage may be, meat alone can’t always make the meal. Our inventory is sure to meet your needs even when you find yourself preparing recipes that call for spiced and specialty sausages. You will find sausages with garlic, rosemary, and fennel, and even sausages mixed with a variety of cheeses for a more rich flavour.

All of our spices and cheeses are as fresh as our meat is – your sausage is guaranteed to be both flavoursome and perfectly suited to whatever dish you choose to prepare it in. But with sausages like ours, you can be sure that, no matter what you do, it will be delicious.

So do yourself and your taste buds a favour and pick up some Award Winning Sausages today!