Looking for the finest deli and cold meats?

At AQM, we have been providing deli products to our customers since we took over the business. Whether you’re after deli-style treats for your kids or delicious meats and cheeses for your next gathering, you will find what you’re looking for and more.

We have a wonderful selection of deli products, which include many different cheeses, olives, pate, German and Italian Smallgoods, Butcher Own Ham, Pancetta, German Frankfurts, Butchers Own Bacon, Prosciutto, Speck and a whole lot more. Our wide selection of delectable products are sourced from local and imported producers.

Did you know that AQM sells Green Bacon and Ham? No additives, No preservatives, Free from Sodium Nitrates and No compromises!

We researched our customer base, and found that “all natural” was right at the top of the list for most.  People want less processing, fewer additives, and more flavour in their foods. That makes our green bacon and ham the perfect option for those who are looking for the healthy option.

Does our bacon and ham deliver on taste?
Absolutely! It’s every bit as flavoursome and versatile as any other premium bacon.
It’s just as delicious, just as premium … and it’s all-natural!