Bangalow Sweet Pork

At AQM, we only use the very best pork from Bangalow Sweet Pork.
They have a very simple aim to produce the best quality & best tasting Pork in Australia. 

The Bangalow Sweet Pork fat content was tested by the CSRIO and the results indicate it is predominately unsaturated in excess of 60% (unpublished data, Food Science Australia 1998). This fat profile is the basis of its unique flavour and tenderness compares favourably with other meats, including most pork generally available in Australia.

Bangalow Sweet Pork is supplied by small Australian Family Farms. Who promote the use of Sustainable Agricultural Practices ensuring the farms will continue to provide fabulous fresh produce for generations to come. The Welfare of Animal is an extremely important part of their program as any stress at any time during the life of the pigs can greatly affect the quality of their product.

So for Bangalow Sweet Pork to provide the best quality Pork to us, it is extremely important that the animals live a healthy and happy existence. They have been proud leaders in the industry and since their inception the product has been Antibiotic Free and they DO NOT use any Hormones on our farms.