Brodie Robinson

Our Display Engineer!!

When did you start your butchering career?
I started my apprenticeship in 2011 at Lennox Head Butchery, then moved to Alstonville Quality Meats 2017

Where else have you worked?
Prior to butchering, I had a few years working in kitchens including Quality Hotel Powerhouse Armidale

What are your Hobbies?
I try and keep fit
Watching NRL games
I’ve also taken an interest to this low and slow barbeque food trend that seems pretty popular lately.

What would be your favourite foods?
Anything chocolate related

Have you travelled?
Not enough as yet

Tell us a little bit about you and Alstonville Quality Meats!
I’m the new addition but I’m really enjoying how passionate everyone is about providing ethically sourced produce and trying out fresh, innovative ideas. It keeps it really interesting. The banter levels keep me in high spirits; there are some funny guys within this group that’s for sure 🙂